There are lots of big, high powered subwoofers available for sale and all offer their own take on bass. It is common belief that subwoofers all sound the same just some go lower or louder but in fact each manufacturer has their own presentation with differing levels of speed and distortion.

I have been setting up and installing subwoofers for over a decade and have worked with most of the subwoofers available in the UK to maximise their in-room performance. For a long time the king of the hill for me was the Paradigm Sub2. With six drive units and an abundance of power the Sub 2 delivers bass with aplomb. The closest competitor to the Paradigm is the Velodyne DD18+ and a few projects of late have seen the need for two DD18+’s to correctly fill a big room – a far better option in my view than one Sub2. With two subwoofers to play with it seemed like a good chance to try stacking them and producing one big sub. The results are staggering. Whereas one Velodyne DD18+ is offering about 85% of the output of a Sub 2 a stacked pair are delivering significantly more output and crucially far more accuracy in the lower reaches. With LFE material both the Paradigm and the Velodyne stack are thunderous but play some music and the pace and control of output from the Velodyne’s simply has to be heard to be believed.

I have several systems in place with dual DD18+’s and dual DD15+’s but this year have also been working on a particular project where the lower reaches of bass accuracy and high output are one of the remits. We started with the Sub 2 but in this system we have settled on stereo stacked pairs of DD18 subwoofers and now have to my mind one of the very finest systems for bass reproduction in a domestic environment. If you are serious about bass reproduction and interested in how a properly integrated subwoofer can improve your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema then please do get in touch.