T A R20 Speaker


The Pulsar R 20 is a compact bookshelf speaker, incorporating technology derived from the ST 20 floor stander. The refined cabinet is beautifully built, with the same curved shape and rigid design. All surfaces are rubbed down in a multi-stage process before the high-gloss lacquer is applied. The finish is of superb quality!

The High-Tech treble unit with its special 25 mm dome is a completely new development, and is the same driver employed in the ST 20. The 150mm long-throw bass unit, on the other hand, is a modified version, because the R 20 is a classic two-way design, and this driver therefore also has to reproduce the mid-range. In spite of the R 20’s relatively small cabinet, its bass is tremendously impressive, and the speaker offers a lively, very natural sonic image. The R 20 sounds much “bigger” than it actually is!

An important design feature of the new Pulsar speakers is the totally smooth baffle, devoid of corners or edges: there is no hint of a screw or recess which could disturb the sound dispersion or generate reflections. The driver chassis are covered by accurately shaped pressure-cast aluminium rings which lie perfectly flush with the baffle. This impressive sophistication enables the sound to disperse perfectly, and the sonic image is completely detached from the loudspeaker. The result is incredibly precise and spacious reproduction with totally accurate source positioning.


Manufacturer: Visit the T A website HERE