T A PS 3000 HV

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T A PS 3000 HV – The PS 3000 HV is a supplementary mains unit which was developed specifically for the A 3000 HV power amplifier. The A 3000 HV delivers more than 500 Watts of power into 4 Ohms, and at such a high level of sound quality and performance that simply increasing the output power – and with it the voltage – produces no significant improvement in sound. Our research and development work in high-performance amplifiers – including the M10 and S10 – and the development of the HV design philosophy which flowed from this work, have shown clearly and unambiguously that the stability of the voltage and current supplied by a mains unit is of major and even crucial importance to the sound quality of an power amplifiers. From this we have drawn the only rational conclusion, and developed a supplementary external power supply.

The principle is ingenious, and functions in the following way: if the PS 3000 HV is connected to the A 3000 HV power amplifier using the special PowerLink with M 23 high-current connectors, the A 3000 HV’s internal power supply is used to supply energy to the input stages and the high-voltage amplifier; much lower power is required for this part of the system, and as a direct result the interference generated in the A 3000 HV itself is much lower. The external PS 3000 HV supplies the energy for the A 3000 HV’s output stages, i.e. it is responsible for the high currents required by the power output stages. With an output of 1200 VA the PS 3000 HV is substantially more powerful than the mains unit of the A 3000 HV itself, and can also call upon twice the reservoir capacity. The net result is a substantial improvement in the current delivery capacity and stability of the system as a whole.
The great advantage of this arrangement in terms of sound quality is that the A 3000 HV is effectively isolated from the load currents and mains-induced interference which can have an adverse effect upon sound quality.

The PS 3000 HV is controlled completely by the A 3000 HV power amplifier via the HLink bus and the PowerLink connection. For each A 3000 HV one PS 3000 HV is required if you want to improve the power supply.
The large VU meter can be set up to display various items of information such as the power supply voltage or the current delivered.

To ensure that all the household fuses are not instantly tripped when the system is switched on, all HV devices are equipped with a Soft-Start function: the control processor limits the initial power-on current, and only allows the machines to ramp up gradually!


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