T A MP 8 Multi Source Player – now in store

T A are on form of late with the DAC8 and Amp8 offering a compact enclosure but full sized sound. The 8 series now has a new addition in the MP8 that takes the feature set of the utterly superb MP3100HV and distills it to a compact box. We pitch the DAC8 and AMP8 against the Benchmark DAC3 and AHB2 – another staggering combination of small boxes / big sound. Small hi-fi is so much more than just Cyrus !

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The MP 8 looks small and inconspicuous. At first glance the casual observer may think it is just a classic CD player, but its true capabilities extend far beyond this. Our multi-source player houses a first-class CD mechanism; a high-performance digital tuner offering FM, FM-HD and DAB reproduction; a high-quality Bluetooth streaming module for receiving music from mobile devices, a streaming client with Internet radio and music services for connection to the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming plus a digital connecting board with inputs for external sources (two USB device mode and three HD-S/P-DIF). The wide range of connections allows external equipment to exploit the machine’s superb signal processing to the full.

Please note: the MP 8 is not a computer; it is a high-end audio device incorporating many supplementary functions designed to ensure that all modern digital sources can be used, reproduced and processed to a D/A converter in the highest possible quality.

The MP 8 can provide any converter with high-quality audio data (up to 192 kHz) via its S/P-DIF output, but the perfect match is our DAC 8 DSD. The SYS OUT and DAC 8 LINK outputs are used to exchange control data and transmit audio signals with optimal routing to the DAC 8 DSD. When using the T A App, the entire Series-8 system is controlled via the MP 8.

The MP 8 delivers a stunning experience in sound reproduction, and finally exploits the full potential of digital music sources.

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