T A MP 3000 HV

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T A MP 3000 HV – The MP 3000 HV incorporates further refinements of T A’s most renowned components, developed without compromise. It is by far the finest and most refined player we have every built, and features complete symmetry and channel separation in its construction. Its core is the new quadruple digital-to-analogue converter whose origins can be traced back to our High-End V-series and R-series CD-SACD players. It processes the signals from the jitter reduction stage, whose own design philosophy is probably unique, and receives data from the high-quality pushrod-operated CD mechanism, the FM tuner, the latest generation of streaming client and the seven digital inputs. The D/A converter chip is followed by the current / voltage converter, which is so crucial to sound quality, and an analogue output stage, both of which are of fully discrete construction, and incorporate our HV technology.

Like the PA 3000 HV, the MP 3000 HV’s case is made of pure aluminium, without any ferro-magnetic materials, and features five compartments separated by aluminium dividing walls. These compartments house the digital section, the D/A converter, the analogue mains supply, the digital mains supply and – in the solid front panel – the control circuitry with high-power screen and sensor buttons.

The back panel reflects the symmetrical construction of the case and the over-all circuit design. The analogue output stages pass their signals directly to professional XLR or RCA output sockets. Below these, and behind the lower compartment, are found the sockets for the FM aerial, the receive aerial of the FD 100 radio remote control handset (supplied as standard), the USB DAC input (for PC), an SP/DIF output, five SP/DIF inputs (two high-quality BNC, one standard co-ax, two TOS-Link optical) and one AES-EBU input, the sockets for the streaming client with LAN, WLAN and USB Master-Mode (stick or HDD) and the H-Link (HV data bus) sockets. The voltage power supplies are consistently separate for the digital and analogue mains sections, and even feature their own mains sockets.


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