T A Caruso Blu – All in One System

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In Autumn 2008 T A introduced the first Caruso combining ingenious overall design with the best available components, sub-assemblies and materials, this compact stereo system was intended to supersede all conventional mini-systems and table radios. Without fear of denial we can certainly claim that the machine fulfilled this aim: within a very short period the Caruso developed into a great cult favourite, and it found many enthusiastic users in the five years of its production. We now follow up this story of success with the machine’s successor: a completely revised version, which represents a new development.

Like its predecessor, the basic concept of the Caruso blu is that of a complete stereo system with superb sound, whilst remaining as small and compact as possible. External changes are restrained in nature, and the new unit looks even more elegant and exclusive. In contrast, the internal design is a completely new, and now features the very latest components and technologies! The Caruso blu is capable of reproducing music from all modern sources:
BluRay, CD and DVD, Internet radio, Network music servers, USB storage media, Bluetooth music transfer from mobile devices, DAB and VHF radio, analogue sources such as turntable with phono pre-amplifier, digital sources such as TV sets and set-top boxes.

The machine plays all these sources with outstanding quality through its five integral loudspeaker systems. Three power amplifiers, each generating 50 Watts of continuous power, are coupled directly to the speaker drive units, while the active crossover unit (active loudspeaker principle) ensures that the signals reaching the speakers are precisely defined. The integral digital processor enables the user to select various sound characteristics, with the result that it sounds excellent on a sideboard or desk as well as on a shelf. The machine delivers incredible sound quality for its size, and forms a very convenient means of waking yourself up in the morning. We have deliberately invested a very great deal of effort in developing a simple, logical and intelligent method of controlling the Caruso blu, and in spite of its extensive facilities it is easy, consistent and intuitive to operate – either using the machine’s integral controls, the system remote control handset or the T A Control App.

Technical Highlights

  • Output power- 3 x 50 Watts for implemented speakers
  • Operation modes- DSP controlled soundfields
  • Inputs- 2 x analogue, 3 x digital, USB
  • Outputs- Video (HDMI), PRE-Out, Subwoofer Out
  • Sources- BluRay (DVD, CD) mechanism, FM and DAB , Bluetooth, Streaming Client


Manufacturer: Visit the T A website HERE