T A AMP 8 High End Power Amplifier

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The overall circuit design of the AMP 8 is that of T A’s sensational PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier, which is why the input stage and the voltage amplifier stage operate at much higher voltage potentials (HV – High Voltage concept). The input stage is a cross-coupled J-FET cascode amplifier, while the voltage amplifier stage is a single-ended Class-A Hawksford FET cascode. The output stage is responsible for current amplification, and is equipped with ThermalTrak™ high-performance audio transistors to ensure that the bias point is totally stable and free of inertia effects. The voltage amplifier stage and the current amplifier stage are completely separate from each other, and each has its own power supply. This prevents any feedback effects from the loudspeakers influencing the voltage amplifiers, which are crucial to sound quality. T A call this circuit concept ICA (Isolated Current Amplifier), and developed it years ago for our R-series of equipment. The individual stages are of extremely linear, broad-band design, with the result that the AMP 8 requires very low levels of “overall” negative feedback; the bandwidth is more than 200 kHz!

T A’s engineers have invested tremendous effort in creating a circuit track layout with absolutely minimal inductivity, thereby helping to achieve superb transient and dynamic response.
At those points in the circuit which are crucial to sound quality we employ carefully selected audiophile components such as amagnetic Vishay resistors and special WIMA and ELNA audio capacitors! The mains power supply is designed to cope with extremely severe and difficult loads. Its torroidal transformer generates up to 400 Watts whilst maintaining low leakage fields, and is capable of driving even very demanding loudspeakers effortlessly. The power supplies for the amplifier stages are completely separate for each channel, and feature their own reservoir capacity and buffering. In consequence there is no trace of interaction of any kind between the channels.

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