T A A3000 HV

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T A A 3000 HV – The A3000 HV is the ideal power amplifier and complement to the P 3000 HV pre-amplifier. It is designed as a stereo power amplifier, but can also be configured to work in mono mode, in which guise it is capable of delivering twice the current and in which it doubles the pure Class-A mode. Thanks to HV technology, this powerhouse offers superb sound characteristics as well as incredible power and performance: a standard which is unsurpassed even by much more expensive amplifiers. The principle of splitting a High-End system into separate pre-amplifier and power amplifier gave our development team the opportunity to implement the finest possible circuit designs and technologies without having to take into account space considerations and case restrictions. This applies both to the electronic components and the mechanical design of the case, since – if the aim is to attain the best possible sound – a pre-amplifier’s requirements are fundamentally different from those of an power amplifier: pre-amplifiers process relatively small signals, and the crucial aspect of their design is the avoidance of induced and other interference; power amplifier, on the other hand, have to cope with relatively large signals, and the stability of the power supply, its current delivery capacity and performance independent of load are much more important.

All HV machines are based on the double-mono principle, i.e. the left and right channels are kept completely separate (even mechanically), each employing identical circuit boards, so that both channels share exactly the same sound characteristics.
The components employed are carefully specified and painstakingly selected, in order to ensure that they have optimum characteristics for their precise purpose. This is an area where we can exploit our full thirty years of experience in building amplifiers, as this has proved to us the crucial importance of the qual-ity of audiophile modules to the final sound quality. That is why we use low-loss mica capacitors with silver electrodes, induction-free thick-layer planar resistors, low-noise audio precision resistors, nickel-free gold-plated terminals manufactured specifically for T A etc.

Although the circuit topology is crucial to the quality of an power amplifier, another factor is equally important: the mains power supply. The mains power supply of the PA 3000 HV is completely unprecedented; without exaggeration it can be described as „rock-hard“, i.e. it never collapses! The basis is a huge, extremely stable and high-performance 1000 Watts toroidal transformer with minimal stray fields. It is also magnetically shielded all round, and hermetically sealed. Twelve oversized electrolytic reservoir capacitors (120,000 µF / 100 V in total) with low inductivity are wired together in parallel, thereby reducing the internal resistance and inductivity of the reservoir capacity to one sixth of that exhibited by standard mains power supplies. This design ensures that the mains unit is very fast, and can deliver gigantic quantities of current ultra-fast, without time delay, even when handling high slew rate signals.
For the most exacting requirements a further option exists for improving the quality of the voltage and current supply: this is the PS 3000 HV supplementary mains unit.


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