Spectral Scala SC1100-SL

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  • Similar to SC100 with drawer
  • Inner drawer dimensions reduced to 280 x 486 mm (D x W) with TX TV mount
  • Surcharge for satinised glass (SAT)
  • Glass surfaces: black (BG), snow (SNG), silver (SV), choice of NCS colour (10% surcharge), choice of gloss finish or satinised glass (SAT)
  • Top panel: coloured glass, interchangeable (except SCH900)
  • Base panel: Lowboards come standard with cable recess
  • Cabinet colour: Lowboards and closed wall cabinets interior: black; open wall cabinets: black (SW), white (WS) or carbon (CB)
  • Front: Furniture elements: coloured glass, sound elements: fabric flap
  • Fabric front: choice of black (BF), silver (SF) or carbon (CF)
  • Glass shelves: clear glass, adjustable spacing 32 mm
  • Glass side panels: When several elements are combined, the position of the glass side panels must be indicated (L for left, R for right, LR for left and right). Exception: the SCH37 and SCH48 open wall cabinets: glass side panels are not available. Vertical wall cabinet SCH900: glass side panels always LR
  • Glass rear panel: Open wall cabinets: black (BG), white (SNG) or carbon (CG), the colour of the glass back panel is always the same as the cabinet colour, surcharge for choice of colour 10%
  • Base: Aluminium, adjustable
  • Mechanism: pull to open, flaps have gas dampers
  • Subwoofer recess: incl. fabric covering
  • Load: Top panel of low boards: max. 70 kg, wall-hanging units: max. 50 kg, glass shelves: max. 15 kg, drawers max. 20 kg per drawer compartment, open wall cabinets: max. 10 kg
  • Lowboards: also optionally available with wheels (R) or as wall-hanging units (W). Wheels are not available for lowboards with drawers models with a drawer/drawer inserts must be mounted to the wall (bracket included).


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