Spectral Disc DS08

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  • Glass surfaces: black (BG), snow (SNG), silver (SV), choice of NCS color (10% surcharge)
  • Top panel: Coloured glass, interchangeable, cable recess as standard (always in centre)
  • Base panel: Cable recess as standard
  • Cabinet interior: black
  • Fabric front: choice of black (BF), silver (SF) or carbon (CF)
  • Glass shelves: clear glass, adjustable spacing 32 mm
  • Glass side panels: Glass side panels on exterior as standard (LR)
  • Base: in clear glass (KG) or black glass (BG), column in aluminium
  • Mechanism: Push mechanism
  • Subwoofer recess: incl. fabric covering
  • Load: DS01, DS05, DS06: Max. load of top panel total: 30 kg, outer compartments (left/right) max. 8,5 kg per compartment, DS03, DS04, DS07, DS08: max. load of top panel: 30 kg, glass shelves: max. 15 kg
  • Other: Sound systems are not included in delivery


Manufacturer: Visit the Spectral website HERE