PMC Fact.12 Loudspeakers £14495

The PMC Fact 12 loudspeakers are in store for demonstration along.

Looking for something a little higher up the scale but with all the performance that PMC offers? Try the new PMC Fenestria – . A towering speaker in sound and in size.


The fact.12 is a product of PMC’s passion for absolute sonic transparency. It delivers emotion and power while preserving clarity and dynamics at all levels, from whisper-quiet to performances you can literally feel.

With ATL™ bass loading technology and its audiophile level controls for precise adjustment of high and low frequencies, fact.12 guarantees a flawless sound in any listening environment and with a vast range of source equipment.

If you want to get even closer to the magic captured in the recording, fact.12 is what you need.

Available Finishes:

Tiger Ebony, Rich Walnut, White Silk

Complementary Products:

Fact.8, Fact.3

Crossover Frequency:

400Hz, 4kHz


H 1110mm (43.7”) 25mm spikes x W 168mm (6.1”) 100mm (3.2”) ingot feet x D 420mm (14.9”) 23mm (0.9”) Ag terminals

Drive Units:

LF 2 x fact 140mm (5.5”), MF 1 x fact 50mm (2.0”), HF 1 x fact 19mm (0.75”)

Effective ATL™ Length:

3.3m (11ft)

Frequency Response:

26Hz – 30kHz


8 Ohms


84dB 1w 1m


26.0kg 57lbs ea


Manufacturer: Visit the PMC website HERE