Goldenear Invisia HTR7000 In Ceiling Speaker


Goldenear Invisia HTR7000 In Ceiling Speaker – Invisa Series loudspeakers are engineered to deliver superb state-of-the-art sound quality from in-wall/in-ceiling speakers that are designed to blend perfectly with their surroundings and virtually disappear. GoldenEar’s Invisa line-up consists of the Invisa 525, Invisa 650, the Invisa Home Theater Reference (HTR) 7000 and The Invisa MPX. All four models incorporate a magnetically attached grill-covered/hidden flange construction that helps to make them virtually invisible.

-Speaker Dimensions 254mm diameter x 127mm depth
-Grille Dimensions 268mm x 268mm
-Round Grille Dimensions 268mm diameter
-Cutout 228.6mm diameter
-Weight 2 kg
-Frequency Response 25 Hz – 35 kHz
-Efficiency 90 dB
-Nominal Impedance Compatible with 8 ohms
-Driver Complement: One – 7˝ High-Definition Cast-Basket
-MVPP™ Mid/Bass Driver; One – HVFR™ High-Velocity
-Folded Ribbon Tweeter;
-Recommended Amplification 10 – 250 watt/channel


Manufacturer: Visit the Goldenear website HERE