DALI Rubicon 6 Loudspeaker

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DALI Rubicon 6 Loudspeaker:

Over the last 30 years DALI have continuously broken new ground in the loudspeaker industry, and have constantly proven that attention to detail and the genuine love of music is the foundation of loudspeaker craftsmanship excellence.

Having introduced the SMC based ‘Linear Drive System’ with our flagship EPICON series, we wanted to utilise this technology’s ability to create extremely low distortion within the RUBICON series. Using SMC only in the pole piece, we found that we could remove a very large part of the unwanted distortion, and lower the complexity of the central part of the magnet motor. This simplifies the production process and ensures that the benefit of SMC can be enjoyed by even more Hi-Fi lovers around the world.

The DALI trademark hybrid tweeter module has once again received a make-over in order to bring the latest developments into the series. Using the same soft dome diaphragm used in the EPICON series, and many of the same magnet system technologies, the RUBICON soft dome tweeter and ribbon are able to deliver the detailed and spacious sound stage that DALI is so well known for.
However, drivers alone do not make a great loudspeaker. The cabinet is the drivers’ terminating point and therefore has to offer a solid, ridged and resonance free environment for them to work in. Constructed from solid MDF, the simple yet majestic cabinet is the sturdy base from where the drivers do their work. Following the design lines of the very popular MENTOR MENUET, the RUBICON series builds on a well known design language, and takes it to new heights.

With the RUBICON series of loudspeakers, DALI continues its tradition of bringing ‘best in class’ products to the market. With drivers manufactured in-house at our Danish factory, and featuring the latest in magnet motor technology, DALI RUBICON is ready to set new standards for audio quality in the mid-range loudspeaker segment.


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