Black Rhodium Storm DCT CS

Prices are per single pair.


STORM and THUNDER are based on the design of the successful ATHENA Loudspeaker Cable. They use the same cryogenically treated cores but more of them to achieve much lower impedance. In basic terms STORM is equivalent to connecting two pairs of Athena cable in parallel, and THUNDER is equivalent to connecting four pairs of Athena cable in parallel.

Specifications of STORM DCT CS
Conductors: 10 gauge (6 sq mm) silver plated copper conductors, cryogenically treated
Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC
Insulation thickness between all cores – 1.2mmt.

Outside diameter: 16mm
Capacitance: 1m terminated: 65 pF
Vibration Stabilisers: 4 x 225g mass per stereo pair
Weight: 1m terminated stereo pair: 1.9 kg


Manufacturer: Visit the Black Rhodium website HERE


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