AudioQuest Subwoofer Cables (Husky)




AudioQuest Subwoofer Cables (Husky) : Subwoofer Cables are Single Cables with a Separate Chassis-Ground Connector.

  • Metal- Solid 5% Silver
  • Geometry- Asymmetrical Triple Balanced (Always Lower Impedance on “Ground”, Always Seperate Ground-Reference  Path)
  • Dielectric- Polythene Air Tubes
  • Noise-Dissipation System- Carbon-Based 3 Layer Noise Dissipation System
  • Terminations- Cold Welded “Hanging Silver” Over Pure “Red Copper”
  • Jacket-Black/Blue Braid  or CMG (CL3/FT4) Rated Black/Blue Stripes PVC Any Length


Manufacturer: Visit the AudioQuest website HERE


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