Amphion Argon 3S Loudspeaker


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Amphion Argon 3S Loudspeaker:

Amphion’s professional line has been the talk of the studio town during 2015. Especially One18 has been widely noticed by the user community and the press alike. Latest example of this is the prestigious TEC Award nomination. In order to give our home customers access to the unprecedented naturalness and musicality of our studio monitors, we have decided to incorporate the ideas to the Argon3 with accelerated pace.
For increased midrange clarity and tight tuneful low reaching bass, the new Argon will have the passive radiator technology from the studio monitor line up. The final voicing has been optimized to bring maximum joy from your favorite recordings. Argento binding posts along with silver plated pure copper internal wiring ensure a flawless signal transfer. Argon3 has been one of the most revered bookshelf speakers. Now the sound quality and emotional involvement will be raised to a new level.


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