Wilson Audio Yvette , Scotland UK

Will a Yamaha MusicCast WX010 play files from an Aria Server?

Will the Wilson Audio Yvette’s work well with the Vitus SIA-025?

Can I convert an HDMI signal to use with an aerial cable?  

Just a few of the questions from today that I am answering. We have a full range of products at HomeSound, The Movie Rooms and Hi-Fi Corner that we can set up and test to answer such questions. Some things cannot be answered with an instruction manual. The quality of operation and reliability of a connection often needs to be experienced first-hand to ensure a product is suitable. This is why we test, audition and test again as often as we can. With a large team of experienced staff across all areas of Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Audio & Video distribution plus installation we have a specialist who is best placed to help. If you have a question about your set up do get in touch and see what we can offer.


Yes – first time and every time.

Yes – it takes a while for the 025 to warm up but when it is on song it is possibly the best one box solution I have heard.

Yes – but limited to 1080p