Our first demonstration room is now complete. For those looking for a cinema system we have the Yamaha CX-A5000 processor with matching MX-5000  power amplifier permanent demonstration.  The Yamaha is fed from a Kaleidescape Cinema One and Oppo 105D and powers a complete nine channel Triad speaker system.  The room is not huge at 90 cubic metres (3100 cubic feet) and a variety of subwoofers can fill this room with ease – for now we are mainly using the Velodyne DD18+ but a pair of Velodyne SPL-1200’s is our alternative. On the vision side our Lumagen Radiance 2041 video processor squeezes every last drop of performance from our choice of projectors. The Sony VPL-VW500es projector sits alongside the JVC DLA-X500, Epson EH-TW9200, Sony VPL-HW55 as well as some high quality pre-owned projectors from Sim2, Projection Design, Runco and Themescene.  I have installed and specified a huge variety of projection screens over the last ten years from all of the market leaders and for a quality acoustically transparent screen I have chosen a 2.35:1 aspect ratio Screen Excellence screen.  A Charlotte James sofa, a selection of Audiomica cables and some acoustic panels finish off the cinema.

Our Hi-Fi is not fixed like the cinema system but for now a Lumin music streamer and Yamaha CD-S3000 work very well as source components and feed the matching Yamaha A-S3000 amplifier. I have always loved the retro styling of the Yamaha hi-fi components since they introduced them several years ago and the VU meters on the Yamaha A-S3000 are glorious. For speakers I am running in a pair of Dali Epicon 8 speakers at the moment – the previous Epicon 6 and Epicon 2 took several hundred hours to come on song and we are nearly there with 8’s.  Audioquest and Audiomica cables connect everything together on a Spectral HE684 rack. The hi-fi will change all the time as we settle on a reference system for the room – more of that later.