Kaleidescape Alto, Scotland UK

The newly updated Kaleidescape Encore range of products is now in store. The all new Alto with 6tb of storage allows you to play your movies on DVD or Blu-ray with the very best performance.  Additionally you can download films and TV series from the Kaleidescape Store – the full disc including subtitles with the same audio and video you would access on the disc. The UHD 4k Player (the Strato) gives you the same download function but with access to 4k / UHD quality content as well. Finally the Disc Server 320 will hold and play 320 of your discs. With a Strato and a Disc Server 320 you can easily access over 500 of your movies ( 320 discs and roughly 200 downloads) all available with the best movie interface around.

For more information on Kaleidescape and how the system can enhance your cinema experience please contact us. We  have a full 4k Encore system ( Strato, Alto & Disc Server ) on display.