SVS SB16 Dali Rubicon 6, Scotland UK

Home Cinema Room: SVS SB16 Arrives

I love big drive units and I love big subs so it is great news that the SVS SB16 Ultra subwoofer has arrived into stock. The SB13 Ultra is a great sub but the three extra inches in the SB16 gives over 30% more surface area and to say that moves things along is an understatement. The SVS doesn’t employ any auto eq but the new SVS App allows fine and easy control of the frequencies as well as other parameters –  a nice touch. At just over £2500 the SB16 offers astounding performance and a pair , properly set up , will be devastating.  If you wish to discuss the SB16 or any other high performing subwoofer please contact me.

You can buy the SVS SB16 here: