Pioneer BDP-LX88-K, Scotland UK

The Pioneer BDP-LX88 flagship blu-ray player is now in store and what a player it is.  Pioneer have always been at the top of the class with video playback but with BDP-LX91 discontinued several years ago the all new BDP-LX88 was long overdue. The build quality is the first thing that grabs you -the Oppo 105D ( my main recommendation at this level)  is not exactly cheap of build but for the price point the Pioneer raises the bar way beyond the competition. In terms of pride of ownership I can only see the Primare BD32 mk2 surpassing the BDP-LX88 as a universal player to desire.

Set up is a breeze with all requests from the remote occurring instantly – no frustrating wait. The same goes for disc playback – on the discs we tested loading time is one of the fastest we have seen. Picture quality is stunning as you would expect at this price point. On our entry level 4k Panasonic TV the image takes on a high end quality that you wouldn’t expect. Moving the unit on to our premium display and the Panasonic TX-65AX902 clearly demonstrates what a top end source and a top end display can achieve. No slouch with HD tv or a basic blu-ray player the TX-65AX902 is transformed with the Pioneer. Finally the Pioneer BDP-LX88 finds a home in our cinema system and driving the Sony VPL-HW500es the player is right at home with the reference level performance on offer.

I will work on the audio tests next week and see where the Pioneer stands.