Hi-Fi Room: What’s sounding good this month

Amphion Argon 3s, Scotland UK

I run two systems at HomeSound and they change all the time as new products arrive, older products are traded in and I generally just move things around.  Although I have set systems that I prefer sometimes unexpected combinations arise with a cable here or an accessory there. A few that are working well this month:

Hi-Fi at £20,000  – Right now I am really enjoying the PMC TwentyFive 26’s on the end of the Vitus RI-100 using the in-built DAC in my office. It may be that the amp is reaching 500+ hours and the run in period is nearing the end but the combination is working a treat. We mostly listen to Tidal playlists on this system so there is no ultra resolution feed but with a selection of Soul and Hip Hop today everything is in the right place at low volume and just gives more and more with extra volume. The real surprise was some drum n bass yesterday with loads of rich and enveloping definition in the bass rather than just the thunderous two dimensional sound that is often heard. If you listen to electronica and are past the upfront attack of so many systems then this pairing just keeps delivering.

System: PMC TwentyFive:26, Vitus RI-100 with DAC, Black Rhodium Foxtrot speaker cable, Sonos Connect

Hi-Fi at £8500 – A mini system in appearance the Benchmark AHB2 and DAC3 HGC do not initially grab you as heavyweight contenders but that is exactly what they are. At £5500 for the pairing ( with the AHB2 in stereo ) the Benchmark competes happily with similarly priced electronics and beyond. I have the Benchmark pairing on the end of the Amphion Argon 3S and the deadly silence of the amp and the ultra quick stop/start pairs perfectly with the 3S’s.  There is no hardness at the top end with detail expertly laid out rather than vying for your attention. The Amphion’s soak up the power and with the new design of the “S” model deliver deep ( and crucially for a monitor this size ) accurate bass. The Trainspotting soundtrack fed from our server sounds as big as it did in the cinema with The Young Fathers tracks in particular ( a superb Edinburgh group) testing the system fully.

System: Amphion Argon 3S speakers, Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier, Benchmark DAC3 HGC, Track Audio speaker stands, Tellurium Q Cables, Sonos Connect