Hi-Fi Room : What’s sounding good this month

Almost everything is the answer to that! The introduction of Pathos to our range of amplifiers has given me a whole new sound to partner with. I had been running the InPolRemix MK2 with our Amphion speakers – the 3LS mostly – and was very impressed with the results. The Pathos does not have the last word in power but the Amphion Argon’s were no trouble at all. This week saw a set of JBL S3900 speakers arrive and with dual ten inch drive units there were quickly unboxed and set up . As the Pathos was playing that is what I used and what a combination it is. The JBL’s are effortless in their sound and with the Pathos in the system the higher frequencies flow in a way that makes you want to keep listening – exactly the sound I am looking for. With low level listening ( 70 on the dial )  nothing is missing at the top end and there is enough bass to deliver a complete sound. Turn it up ( 115 on the dial ) and everything remains in place but with a new found authority to the bass.

Complete System: £17,700

Pathos InpolRemix Mark 2 with HiDac Evo £4124

JBL S3900 £10000

Melco N1A/2 £2099
Tellurium Q Black USB £299
Tellurium Q Ultra Blue speaker cable £34/m
Entreq Silver Minimus with Apollo cable £1000