Things have moved around since last month and in the process of testing various pieces of equipment a few systems have settled:

2.1 Hi-Fi at £35,000 – The main room is working a real treat right now with the Vivid Audio B1’s being reinforced with a Velodyne DD18+ subwoofer. I am working on a few large bass systems involving stacked Velodyne subs so there has been plenty of bass testing this month ( more on that later ). The Velodyne has a superb EQ that allows it to dial in very well with the main speakers. Simple with one sub, trickier with more. To keep everything in check and aligned perfectly I have added in a Trinnov ST2-HiFi processor – the ST2 offers so much so I will add another detailed page about that. To finish off the system I am running the Primare Pre32 with two A34.2 mono amps. A modest combination given the B1’s possible performance but tied in nicely with some high quality Tellurium Q cables the combination really is working very well.

Hi-Fi at £10,000 – I traded in some SVS Ultra Towers and having not heard them before have hooked them up in the office to see what they can do. Bass is what they do – not to the level of the main system but give them a bit of clean power and they fire along at a great pace! Staggering for the money.  The pictures make them look small and compact but in the flesh they are a sizeable speaker roughly the size of the PMC TwentyFive 26’s that we moved to make space for them. I have tried a few amplifiers on these speakers but the best option so far has been the T+A PA2500R as it keeps those bass drivers right in check. The very clean and balanced nature of the T+A helps to open up the treble as well – it is accurate but needs to be freshened up to compliment the sound at lower volumes. Up high this system offers staggering performance and is ideal if you listen to music with a strong rhythm – Boris Brejcha is on as I type. To keep some emotion in the sound I have an Entreq Silver Minimus in this system – the easiest and quickest way to enrich a sound.