Vivid Audio-Mark Levinson, Scotland UK

With the arrival of the Mark Levinson No519 and No534 into the showroom it worked out just nicely to use them for an event. Paired with the Vivid Giya G3 and running a huge room the quality of each component was easy to detect. The Mark Levinson 519 is a superb product combining the high performing sound you would expect with the a host of facilities that products of this level often shy away from. The in-built DAC works a treat but the direct access to Tidal, Qoboz, Spotify plus a Bluetooth and Network connection among others allows you to play any music you wish very easily. The CD player is a real surprise and first impressions are very positive, I still need to test further to assess the pre-amp quality but certainly paired with the 534 power amp this is a fantastic two box system.