The Vitus RI-100 integrated amplifier is a favourite of mine. A real slice of high performance that pours from any good quality speaker. With the built in DAC the amplifier becomes even more versatile and adding a Melco Music server delivers the complete package – top flight audio with a small box count. So how to improve on the RI-100 without taking the step to the SIA-025? Step forward the updated Vitus RI-101. One more number and one solid step up the performance ladder. A new pre-amp stage opens up the quality familiar from the R1-100 to deliver more of the Vitus sound. In direct comparison to the RI-100 the RI-101 improves the space and size of presentation while also concentrating more detail within the extended area.  This is not a full scale rethink of a superb product more an extra layer of polish on an already gleaming product. There as also been a change to the volume control and the new amplifier offers 1dB steps that offers far more control on low level listening.

The RI-101 is available for demonstration alongside the RI-100 while I have stock.