Vitus RP-102 Phono Stage, Scotland UK

I am relatively new to the world of Vitus Audio, becoming a stockist in early 2016. When I first started it was with the wonderful RI-100 integrated amplifier. This performance point is very popular as the higher performing manufactures can offer a product to outperform the more mainstream two or three box solutions while introducing the character and refinement they are known for. I needed another amplifier with a different presentation to my Mark Levinson No.585 and the T+A PA 3000HV and Vitus fits perfectly on the scale.  With the Vitus on board complete with the new internal DAC board the RI-100 was at the top of the game.

Over the months I have become more familiar with other key Vitus products, the larger integrated amplifier from the signature series ( the SIA-025), the Reference Power amp ( RS-100 ) and the sublime SS-103 Signature power amplifier. The SS-103 really delivers the goods for me and articulates with ease all that is great about the Vitus house sound in one perfectly formed box. Next step is the Masterpiece range and later in 2017 I will be able to comment on how this series performs in a variety of systems. For now I am enthralled by the all new RP-102 phono stage. I haven’t heard the previous model ( RP-101 ) and in fairness my experience of phono stages at this level is limited but the RP-102 is making our SME 15 sing like never before. The qualities that I expect from equipment at this level are abundantly clear with the Vitus. The extra connection with the music, the ability to render the nuances in sound accurately but without overstressing them in the name of resolution, they are all there.  It is early days with our testing but if you have a vinyl focussed hi-fi my feeling right now is that the Vitus RP-102 could be the cherry on top that makes the cake.


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