If build quality was the key indicator of sound quality there would be little need to audition any hi-fi beyond the HV range from T+A.  The fit and finish on their components is everything you would expect at the price point and way beyond –in fact it embarrasses many a manufacturer further up the performance scale. Thankfully delivering high quality sound is far more complex than just the standard of the box and T+A have put everything they know into making the HV range the best they can.  HomeSound have long been a fan of the 3000 series and now we have the new 3100 series boxes they are sure to remain a top recommendation. The new MP-3100 brings SACD, Tidal, Qoboz and DAB radio to an already well equipped multi-player and is one of current reference source. The PA3000 integrated amplifier has been upgraded to a PA3100 and delivers internal revisions, new VU meters and the ability to add on the PS3000 PSU – a key upgrade. If you are interested in a high quality integrated amplifier or a flagship source for your hi-fi please contact us to discuss a home audition of demonstration.