I love a large speaker and today I was testing some of the widest and tallest units we have had in the showroom. All of the designs are electrostatic so a real change from my usual offering in style and presentation. We traded in the Quad and the Kingsound speakers as customers upgraded and the Martin Logan’s are a new model that include an active subwoofer to underpin the sound of the panel. I was using the Quad to benchmark against the Martin Logan model, I am familiar with the Quad sound but the Martin Logan’s are a new addition. The Martin Logan’s are exceptional and they capture the size and scale of the Quad design in a narrower panel and crucially have the bass that lifts the entire sound. The bass is key to the sound and can be calibrated to the room to ensure its accuracy. The shape and size may be different but the results are captivating.

With the electrostatic speakers in store we have a huge range of speakers available for appraisal all with differing technologies, all with unique sound.

From right to left – Quad ESL-2912, Martin Logan Impression ESL 11a , Kingsound Prince II.