Over the last few months I have had a steady stream of large speakers arrive in store with many getting close to what two men can lift. The Amphion Krypton 3 is not too heavy to move around but at nearly 1.4m tall it makes itself know for sure! I love what Amphion do and it is great to have the flagship model on demonstration to show that the house sound does indeed filter through the range.

At the other end of the size scale I have just taken delivery of the newly improved Amphion Argon Zero. This is the smallest traditional speaker I offer and what a gem it is. It is not going to shake your doors but if you have a smaller space to fill with accurate balanced sound then the new revision is ideal for a desktop or shelf – more so now that Walnut is available.  With small components from T+A and Benchmark powering quality speakers like the Argon Zero and our newest addition Russell K desk based computer hi-fi reaches a surprising level of performance.

If you are interested if high quality audio without huge boxes HomeSound has a range of balanced options – It is doesn’t need to be all boom and tizz.