JBL, Scotland UK

With a distinct lack of 15″ drive units in my speaker range I could no longer resist the temptation of the JBL 4365’s and I now have our set here ready for audition. I have plenty of 15″ subwoofers but a speaker of this size with such high efficiency (93db) and a compression driver delivers energy with a finesse like few others. The JBL K2 has long been one of my all round favourite speakers and the Studio 4365 gets very close to this with a far more modest cabinet and price.

I am running the JBL 4365 on the end of the Mark Levinson No. 585 and Plinius Toko network player while we run them in. My initial impressions are of a fantastic speaker – the larger drive unit delivers a speed in the bass that is infectious. The last time a large speaker grabbed my attention in this way was with the PMC MB2se – they are superb as well but didn’t come on song until the volume was interesting. The JBLs deliver their magic at all volumes and despite the size the sound does not dominate in a way you may expect.

The closest speaker I have in store in size and quality is the Dali Epicon 8 and I will compare the two when the JBL’s have a few more hours on them.

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