Benchmark, Scotland UK

The Benchmark DAC2HGC has now been updated to the Benchmark DAC3. I have just taken delivery of our DAC3 in HGC form so this compact set up has now become even better.

After going through a phase of large speakers and back breaking amps it is nice to have a high quality compact system that really does perform and is easy to move. Cyrus have long been the king of small hi-fi but what happens if you are not a fan of the sound? Enter Benchmark with the well-established DAC2 and the matching AHB2 power amp. I have been supplying the DAC2 ( currently a DAC2 HGC ) for a while now having been introduced to the brand by a customer running it as a pre-amp on some very large ATC speakers. As a combination it is ideal for a desktop application as the footprint is minimal to say the least – I am using a space 40cm deep from the wall by just less than 30cm wide including large cables. That said the Benchmark system is not limited to desktop sound as the power and quality of sound will drive a decent sized room – our demo room is not a struggle with 3m high ceilings at 6m x 5m. I am currently recommending the newly released Amphion Argon 3s with the Benchmark as there is something very rewarding with this combination. If you would like to try the Benchmark system with your speakers please contact me for a demonstration here or at your home.

Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier

Benchmark DAC3 HGC – Digital to Analog Converter