Aria Mini Music Server, Scotland UK

I have been streaming audio for many years now and although sound quality differs greatly between the various network players on the market the biggest contrast is the user interface. Some streamers sound superb but have poor functionality to the point of frustration, others are a joy to use but are somewhat lacking in sound and most require a little bit of interaction with a PC or NAS drive.  For a long time I held the Meridian Sooloos as the best set up as it included a hard drive and one of the most obvious control systems but having spent the last month or so using the Mini from Aria I feel I now have a better solution delivering superb sound across all formats with ease of use and a more acceptable price point.

With 2tb of internal storage, the option to connect to your NAS or USB plus the facility to rip your cds the Aria combines high quality sound with an app that works time and time again. Simple navigation and in depth facilities should you need them make the Aria a pleasure to use and it is a handy iPad stand to boot. If you are looking to start streaming or are looking to upgrade to better sound and functionality please contact me for a demonstration or the Aria Mini.

For full information on the Aria Mini click HERE