Velodyne SPL - 800 ULTRA Subwoofer, Scotland UK

I have been looking to specify and install the Velodyne range of subwoofers for many years, almost since I started in hi-fi. Now that I have ended my association with Paradigm I have the space in my portfolio for the full range (and with the size of the DD18+ space in my cinema room!). To say I am pleased to offer these subwoofers for sale is an understatement. For the smallest subwoofer with actual performance the Microvee is hard to beat and the SPL range offers accuracy and finesse that is beyond the price point. The SPL-1000 Ultra in particular is a stand out with a very high quality gloss black finish, remote control and EQ system all included for less than the price of the obvious competition. The DD+ range comes into play for larger rooms and for hi-fi. With larger drive units on offer, a class leading EQ system, and a high pass crossover the DD+ range punches, kicks, slams and digs deep with no break up or distortion. Properly set up and integrated it is a superb proposition.