Storm Audio, Scotland UK

When I first decided to set up a flagship cinema for our demonstration room there was a rush to get the first processor to market with 3D Audio. Storm Audio were first out of the blocks with a press release but when it came to launching a product Datasat were the winners with the RS20i and that is what formed the heart of my room for the last few years. Trinnov launched the Altitude shortly afterwards and we have had the two brands jostle for position as the best option since then. The Trinnov vs Datasat debate continues on and now Storm have joined the arena. I really like the Datasat RS20i and it encapsulates the sound the I expect a cinema to relay very well indeed. With Storm Audio now in the market place with a full range of products I have added to our selection with the new 16ch products. The Storm I.ISP 3D.16 Integrated Receiver with 12 x 200w channels of in built amplification will be in our room next week and is unique in the market place. With all boxes ticked – Atmos, DTS-X and Auro included – and within one box as well the Storm will be ideal for those with medium sized dedicated rooms or high quality living room based cinemas.

If you would like to know more about the Storm Audio product range or book a demo please contact me.