Datasat RS20i, Scotland UK

With the release of  Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos decoding there is now more choice than ever at the top tier of home cinema processing. Where seven speaker channels and two subwoofers used to be the limit of outputs we now have processing to cater for height channels at the front and the back of your theatre as well as one channel on the ceiling – named the voice of God. Subwoofers at the front of your room and the back can now be catered for  to ensure every seat in your room is immersed in the movie

Where  the top rung of home cinema processing was made up of products from the likes of  Meridian, Lexicon, Theta Audio and latterly Bryston and Anthem we now see a new range of products offering best in class performance. I have extensive experience of the best home cinema processors;  most notably the Anthem D2v , a product that I feel delivers one of the best movie experiences, but the game has changed now and for those seeking the best there new players to consider.  Datasat have been leading the charge with their RS20i and recently launched LS10. Storm Audio have the 13 channel Auriga AV receiver as well as two processors and both brands have a space in my showroom .  The qualities that the classic products exhibit are all present in the new models but executed with such aplomb that there is a clear performance gain between the generations. Flexibility and numbers of channels aside the improvement in clarity, steering of effects and overall space of the sound is marked.

My Datasat units are on the way to me and Storm should follow in the coming weeks. If you are planning a refresh to your media room or considering a new project please contact me to see how the best processing can lift every area of the sound.


Storm Audio

Auro 3D

Dolby Atmos