Panasonic LED TV VIERA TX-65AX902B , Scotland UK

Just a year ago I was very impressed by the Panasonic TX-L65WT600 with all material including 4k. Since then we have displayed and continue  to offer the TX-65AX802 4k LED but today we have the brand new flagship the 65-AX902 and things have changed again. Out of the box the TV was good but time spent calibrating it today has paid dividends.  I have only had a couple of hours with the finished article  but I am delighted with the results. The overall picture with all material has taken a step forward far more than you would expect between generations – normally we see marginal gains with each new model.

If you have a Pioneer then yes this is better, if you have a TX-655VT50 then yes this is better, if you have a TX-P60ZT65 you might be surprised. Add on a Lumagen video processor and you have a cherry on top.