Big speakers, Scotland UK


There has a been a lot of heavy lifting at HomeSound these last few weeks. After the Wilson Sasha loudspeakers arrived in their huge crates we added the Loewe Reference 75 screen to our showroom wall . TV’s may be getting lighter but with the high contrast glass panel and aluminium enclosure the Loewe is reassuringly heavy. Next up several boxes from PMC as part of a trade in deal – a pair of MB2i on the new SE stands with the matching centre speaker, the MB2i-C. The PMC MB2i-C is one of the largest centre speakers I have seen and I cannot wait to set these three up as and LCR in a cinema. Finally the JBL 4367 are on now display – a walk in the park compared to others when it comes to moving the boxes. The 4367’s build on the performance of the 4365 that we had last year with a cabinet that is around 25% smaller. The JBL, PMC and Wilson loudspeakers all produce the goods at their performance points with bass notes that are as addictive as they are heavy. If you have the space we have an unrivaled selection of high performing speakers.