Scotland’s premier audio retailer, HomeSound Ltd  began trading in July 2013. It established a reputation for offering high quality stereo and home cinema systems with a diverse clientele from all over the UK and Europe. Under the direction of Struan MacKenzie, Hi-Fi Corner group bought the company in 2015 and expanded its range of products and service.  Home Sound Ltd continued to trade as a separate entity until 2019 when the brand name was integrated into the Hi-fi Corner group. Today the Home Sound brand name represents a slice of quality, offering something different and offers the same level of high quality equipment and distinctive service. HomeSound still specialises in brands not offered by the parent company and continues to provide ‘something different’. 

In June 2019 Struan appointed Paul Bird as Manager of Homesound in order to develop the brand and offer our customers a slightly more esoteric offering, whilst adhering to the values of the Hifi Corner group, placing the emphasis on customer satisfaction and offering some of the best sounding products available today. Home CInema fans are still catered for under the tutelage of Daniel Bland and our sister company The Movie Rooms

Paul’s background started when at 11 years old he was introduced to the Canadian band Rush, he has been a Rush fan and a music lover ever since, although nowadays his tastes encompass music from most genres. When at around 13 years old, Paul visited a friends house, who’s older brother owned some early Mission 776/777 amplifiers and JBL speakers, hearing music as the artist intended, he was hooked. Over the years Paul has owned many hifi products, and in 2006 following redundancy Paul was appointed Sales Manager of a high end retailer in Scotland for 7 years where he developed his taste and expertise in High End Audio, When the opportunity came to take over the running of Homesound, Paul jumped at the chance. A self confessed Vinyl head and a Valve amplifier devotee, Paul makes sure his expertise is put to use in providing his customers the products that give them a performance in their listening room, not only valves and vinyl, but solid state, Class A, and digital front ends, Paul says ‘if you don’t get the goosebumps then I haven’t done my job right’.
Paul likes to get to know his customers and the space, music styles they prefer to listen to, and of course the budget they have set aside, he will then make various recommendations based on this. His expertise and friendly demeanour, over the years has led to him making many friends within the audiophile community, and his customers usually turn to him 1st when needing to change different aspects of their Hifi, often his advice will be contrary to what the customer thinks they need, and sometimes his advice will be to do nothing, or look at low cost solutions to those on a tight budget, but always honest unbiased advice, Paul says ‘I’d rather the customer didn’t purchase a component, rather than purchase the wrong solution’

So if you want to give him a call, or pop in and find out more, then please reach out, Paul is happy to talk Hifi, Music and any other subject that you are passionate about, just don’t get him started on cars or motorbikes!