Judging by the performance on offer from the Panasonic 65” TV we have on display – TX-L65WT600 – without a doubt. We run a wide choice of 4k material at different refresh rates which deliver a far greater range of challenges to the TV than the perfectly shot, perfectly lit clips that are supplied from the manufacturers. The Panasonic delivers a wow every time and it reminds me clearly of the first time I displayed 1080P with a DVHS player and Behind Enemy Lines such is the lift in performance over the previous resolution. One of the main concerns is the lack of material available in a native resolution and although that should be addressed this year we also run a Lumagen video processor with a 4k output to our 4k devices. With the Lumagen handling the scaling to the display we can watch bluray and even DVD discs with fantastic results.

The Panasonic is a very good television but for the bigger screens we also have the new Sony 4k projectors – VPL-VW500es and VPL-VW1100es. Both of the Sony projectors deliver superb images with 4k content but the real surprise is the quality and accuracy of images from bluray, DVD and standard definition broadcast television.  Again we feed the Sony with a Lumagen 4k processor to maximise the performance and it is hard to look past the ability of these units even against much higher priced competition.